Did You See? The NY Times Mentioned Our Campaign

Exciting news! Our little Northeast Tennessee campaign made the New York Times! They linked the campaign website, too—you can read the article here: ‘Yes, I’m Running as a Socialist.’ Why Candidates Are Embracing the Label in 2018.

My campaign team and I are proud to be part of the movement for freedom and equality, which is what democratic socialism is all about. If you would like to help as we work to put human needs and people power over the love of money, please get in touch to volunteer. And since we don’t have rich corporate sponsors, donations are definitely appreciated!

One goal of the campaign is to knock on every door in my district at least once. Canvassing can be interesting, educational, and rewarding. It’s a great opportunity to meet and have conversations with people, to discover their needs and concerns, and to hear their ideas. 

If you would like to help, visit our Volunteer page to let us know. We have a system, a script, and experienced canvassers we can partner you with if you’ve never canvassed before. Give it a try—it’s a great way to get active & enjoy the beautiful spring weather!