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Bad Rep or Bum Rap?: Officials Should Stop Shifting Blame to Our Local Workforce

Last week, Mitch Miller, CEO of Northeast Tennessee Regional Economic Partnership, seemed to be telling WJHL that the reason NN, Inc. has not filled the number of jobs it promised—in exchange for nearly a million dollars in local tax breaks—is that the people here aren’t qualified for the jobs NN, Inc. is offering.[1] In the… Read more »

Did You See? The NY Times Mentioned Our Campaign

Exciting news! Our little Northeast Tennessee campaign made the New York Times! They linked the campaign website, too—you can read the article here: ‘Yes, I’m Running as a Socialist.’ Why Candidates Are Embracing the Label in 2018. My campaign team and I are proud to be part of the movement for freedom and equality, which is… Read more »

We Can Do Better than Nashville

Earlier this year, Nashville’s Metro Council took a big step toward ensuring that local development benefited public interest, not just wealthy interests. The recently passed Do Better Bill (Ordinance #BL2017-983) brings a new level transparency and accountability to the practice of awarding publicly funded tax breaks and cash grants to private businesses. What the Do… Read more »

The West Virginia Teachers Strike & Us

West Virginia Teachers Strike - Photo by WVEA

In a State Dominated by Fossil Fuel Interests, Labor Scored a Huge Victory West Virginia teachers and services employees recently stood strong to demand lower health care costs and higher pay. Through a statewide walkout that closed public schools in all 55 West Virginia counties for nine days, these employees won not just for themselves… Read more »

Tax Incentives for What? The NN Inc. Story in Brief

In 2014, NN Inc. gave our local and state leaders a choice: it could move its headquarters and the 25 jobs located there to another city, or it could stay here and create an additional 175 jobs, bringing the total to 200—if the company got enough tax breaks and incentives to make it worth their… Read more »