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We Can Do Better than Nashville

Earlier this year, Nashville’s Metro Council took a big step toward ensuring that local development benefited public interest, not just wealthy interests. The recently passed Do Better Bill (Ordinance #BL2017-983) brings a new level transparency and accountability to the practice of awarding publicly funded tax breaks and cash grants to private businesses. What the Do… Read more »

Tax Incentives for What? The NN Inc. Story in Brief

In 2014, NN Inc. gave our local and state leaders a choice: it could move its headquarters and the 25 jobs located there to another city, or it could stay here and create an additional 175 jobs, bringing the total to 200—if the company got enough tax breaks and incentives to make it worth their… Read more »

Tax Incentives for What? The NN Inc. Story in Depth

Here’s a story of a manufacturing company that was founded right here in Johnson City in 1980. Over the following decades, they purchased manufacturing plants throughout North America, Europe, South America, and China, all while leasing space for their headquarters and their 25 HQ employees over on Sunset Drive. This should be a success story,… Read more »